Today Is Not About Me Or This Vlog Project

After 65 days of having the camera with me constantly, I’ll leave it at home (or should I say ‘hotel room’) to focus 100% on Janine and Fabian’s wedding. I’ll be back tomorrow!

Video Transcription

So Fabian’s getting married tomorrow. And he’s getting married at a very, very nice place. It’s probably the most elegant hotel that you can find in all of Switzerland. Let’s see.

I love how black everything is here.

It’s insane! This is gorgeous! Look at this TV, I have my own balcony, work desk…

This must be the bathroom.


This is one of the more intimidating showers I’ve ever seen.

There’s a TV here. How do I use this? I’ll figure this out.

Oh, this is cool. So this is like the dress room area.

Today’s the day when Fabian is getting married. And it’s also the first day where I won’t be carrying my camera after over 60 days.

Today belongs to Fabien, not to me, so I’ll keep the camera at home. I also want to be able to focus 100% on him and his wife and the party – not be there for the camera or have to think of it.

So that’s it from me today, I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow!

You can listen to the audio version here: