Live Life To The Fullest: Happy It Wasn’t My Time Yet!

I was involved in a road accident. I’ll use this as a reminder to live every day to the fullest. Life happens, be safe and cherish the day.

Video Transcript

Good morning.

I am back in action. What a day!

A slight problem with my shoulder, I got away without anything.

So lucky but I can definitely feel how this emotional day got me thinking and exhausted me. I came to the office for just a couple meetings, canceled everything else and now I’m heading home to my parents’ place, together with Elena.

Just enjoy the evening and celebrate that I’m still here. Could have ended pretty badly. So I think so many more things went right today than went wrong. Had a bunch of guardian angels today on duty. We’re all just very glad to be alive.

I’ll use this as a reminder to just be really, really grateful for every day that I’m here. Make the most out of every day because it can just end so quickly.

How it all happened

What happened was I was driving downhill. There was a car in front of me, there was a tractor with a large bucket or scoop standing next to the street. It was driving into the left lane. We were coming down the right lane. He saw the car in front of me, he stopped, let that car pass.

I thought because he saw that car he’d probably see me as well. So I kept going and at the last moment, the tractor made a short right turn and that’s when the front loader, the shovel, reared over into the right lane on which I was coming.

Suddenly, it was in my face. It was coming from here straight at my face. I tried to get away from it but also saw that side of the street was quite steep so I couldn’t go all the way right. It was probably more instinctive than anything.

Next thing I know is a few moments later I come to a hold. The car on the left side is more like a convertible. The shovel or this bucket had cut through the front window, taking out all of the left window, taking out the front pole and the back pole. It even cut the belt that I was wearing. So it must have gone right through here, just a few centimeters away from my face.

So definitely not the episode that I have planned for today or what I wanted to talk about today but life happens. I’m just glad to be alive and no one got hurt. The car is totaled but just glad it was not my time yet.

On the flip side…

So now I’m headed to my parents’ place to have a nice barbecue and just enjoy the time together. And then tomorrow is a special day. It’s a holiday here but it’s also Fabian’s bachelor party. He doesn’t know where we’re going. Most of the guys who are coming don’t know either. So I’m going to have a bit of fun with them and surprise them with a lot of the schedule, starting with where we’re going.

Wherever you are, be safe and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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