I’m Grateful!

I’ve had a wonderful day with my family and loved ones. Part exciting, part relaxing. Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! Thank you to everyone who thought of me!

Video Transcription

I am officially old now – my 30th birthday! I feel great, we just had lunch with the team. Really enjoyed everyone’s company, I’m glad it worked out. It’s a beautiful day.

In two minutes, supposedly, I’m gonna be picked up by my parents and then the rest of the day – I just know that they collaborated with Elena. They’ve all organized something. I have no clue what. I know it’s gonna be active. Whatever that means – I don’t really know. So I’m curious, I’m excited. Let’s see what’s gonna happen.

My first flying lesson

I’ve spent a bunch of time on airplanes and sometimes in the cockpit if I have friends piloting the plane. I’ve never actually flown a plane. I’ve done simulator training and I’ve read a bunch about it. But I’m super excited for my first flying lesson today. The weather is gorgeous so should be a beautiful day to see the world from above.


I feel very loved and grateful. The second surprise after flying an airplane for the first time, I had to wear my eye blinds again. We drove for about another 45 minutes and when I got out, it was my sister and her boyfriend waiting here as well and Elena. Now we’re doing a barbecue in a beautiful place.

So I had the most perfect birthday ever. I feel very loved. It was just the right mix of adventure, new things, experiences, memories. Just spending time together and being with the people that I love. Good to take my first flying lesson and then as a surprise a very nice barbecue with my family. And in the morning I spent some time with the people at the Mediasign office, we had a nice lunch. With that, I’m off and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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