The Hour Of Power: A Morning Ritual In Bali

Today we were exploring how bamboo is being made here in Bali. But before we left, we took part in Jordan’s morning ritual.

Video Transcript

6:45 and another beautiful morning.

So Jordan was one of the participants here. Agreed to let us participate in his morning ritual. He calls it the Hour of Power. A mix of workouts and meditation.

Hour of power – our morning ritual. So you win the morning, you win the day.

The options are breathing, so form of Wim Hof breathing, gratitude, visualization of goals…

Energy in your heart. The strength of your heart.

And that was the E under 30’s screaming match.

A good start in the morning. We just did a bunch of priming and breathing exercises. And now we’re going to do some Wim Hof breathing. Changing the location for that and we’re going to a very top off this treehouse.

On your 40th breath, don’t take a big chest breath, hold it in because you don’t need to. Just let go a little bit of air and then you’re going to hold your breath for as long as possible.

Bamboo houses, bamboo schools, bamboo… business cards?

Ricky has organized for us that we can go meet the designer and architects of the Green Village and the bamboo house that we’re staying in.

Guys, let’s go!

That’s so cool, they do everything with bamboo here. Even the business cards.

In the bamboo house right now, learning about how to build amazing architecture out of bamboo only. So it’s very strong which is something I didn’t know. Nearly as strong as steel. So there you go.

So now we’re walking over to the factory and we’re gonna see how all this bamboo is made. You can already see quite a big building over here.

Bamboo is a plant from the grass family. And we have more than three hundred and six pieces of the bamboo.

An interesting school ritual

So now we’re at the center of the school. Back here’s the biggest building. The school complex that we were just in. And here we’re seeing a bunch of kids and their parents who are coming to pick them up. There’s a football playfield over there and… Yeah, community living here. Looks like a big, fun community.

People are eating, there’s a playground over here. Costs for this school are between 5 and 15 K per year, US dollars. Definitely an interesting concept. So kids learn a lot of practical skills. They also apply math and physics directly.

I think in middle school they raise a piglet and then they slaughter it at the end of the semester and eat it. Just to go through this experience of having meat on a plate.

So after learning all this stuff about the Green Village and the Sharma house, it’s even cooler now, coming back to our place and just enjoying the evening here.

We’re probably all going to jump in the pool, relax a bit and then tonight we have a chef coming to the house and preparing a big meal for all of us.

Today’s takeaways

I think what I’m taking away from this day is that there are so many cool things in the world. So many cool projects that question the status quo. For example, the school is something extremely valuable that I want to look into more. I think one takeaway for me is to always question things, always look for alternatives, experiment…

Another takeaway is I’m tired. Time to get some sleep.

See you tomorrow!

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