[Video] Having A Slow Day In Bali

I got up after just a couple of hours of sleep because of jet lag and captured the Bali sunrise with my drone. Went back to bed during the day and then took the evening off to enjoy a gorgeous sunset and drinks at the W hotel by the beach. Then took Elena to my favorite restaurant in Bali, Métis. Sometimes it’s good to take time off, recharge and be present for your loved ones!

Video Transcript

I’m still pretty jet-lagged. I realized this morning I woke up at roughly 3 a.m. and was up for almost 7 hours. Because I had only slept, like, one and a half or two hours, I didn’t feel true productive so spent most of the day just being there. Didn’t get much done and then went back to bed at, like, 10:00 a.m. Slept for another three hours.

Now, I’ve been working for the past 4-5 hours. We’re getting close to sunset time in Bali. We’re gonna go out. We have a nice dinner planned for Elena and me and we’re gonna go watch the sunset at one of the beach clubs here. And then get back here at around 9:00 p.m. and I have another 3 or 4 hours of work planned at that point.

I was asking to get in touch with doctors or people who have a medical background to talk about jet lag and optimal nutrition while traveling and stuff like that. Luckily, quite a few people got back to me – I have a few calls set up for this week. And so, I’m really looking forward to putting that to the test. Seeing what these people are gonna tell me and recommend.

I want to be more productive or I need to be more productive this week so finding a way to get over this jet lag will definitely be helpful and (hopefully) tonight will be the night where I’m finally adjusted. Because then I’d have another week in the same time zone and… Yeah, that would definitely be good.

The best time of the day in Bali – sunset

It’s the best time of the day in Bali – time for sunset. So we’re headed to Potato beach club. Potato Head beach club.

So now we’re at the W. While I like their hotels everywhere, this one is definitely one of my favorites. It has a huge beach bar, just a gorgeous place to hang out and chill for a bit.

We’re at Métis. Métis is this restaurant here in Bali. And it’s just a gorgeous place, it’s really nice people. And food is just arriving!

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