You’re The Average Of The 5 People You Spend The Most Time With

I’m very fortunate to meet a lot of very interesting people currently as part of the EO GLC (Global Leadership Conference). It got me thinking about the old saying that “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Here are some thoughts on enjoying time with inspiring people.

Video Transcript

Just got done with my calls with Europe. Also, finally found a hairdryer to dry my shoes. I think now I’m ready to head over to the conference.

In the afternoon I think there’s a bunch of interesting talks and then later tonight is an evening social with the MyEO community. MyEO is this concept inside EO where we build tools that allow people to connect with each other in groups, forums or events. Looking forward to and excited to be part of the MyEO Global Committee this year. A bunch of interesting people coming into their new roles today and in the next few months.

Heading over to GLC

It looks like it’s been snowing in less and (hopefully) I’ll make it over to the conference hotel without getting too wet. It’s raining but other than that, it’s not too bad. A lot less snow today. If I’m a bit strategic about where I’m stepping, I’ll hopefully avoid getting too wet on this five-minute walk over to the hotel.

So this time they’re hosting the conference at the Sheraton. If you think about it, it’s not that easy to find a venue that can host 1600 people. Not just in terms of hotel rooms, because people can stay in different locations, but also just to have a room that allows you to host 1600 people… I know that’s a big criteria for which city can host the GLC.

Meeting Daniel from Sao Paulo

We’re at the MyEO booth and I just met Daniel from Sao Paulo.

[Daniel]: Hi, guys!

Daniel is organizing this amazing trip to…

[Daniel]: Amazonia. Next March, between 11 and 15. We’re going to make an amazing trip. Go deeply into nature. It’s mainly for small entrepreneurs. We’re trying to help them improve their business, to organize, to make more income and to improve the lives of the community.

Is the event online on the MyEO website?

[Daniel]: Not yet, but going to be this week, I think.

I love his event because what we always do at our Under 30 events is we try to add an element of physical activity because it helps you bond so much.


I just spoke to Daniel and I’ll show you a quick clip about what he’s doing. And he’s basically organizing this trip into the Amazonas where you can get to experience the jungle.

The value of a good conference and my next role at EO

The conference has started and I’m getting so much energy just from meeting these people, it’s amazing. Everyone here has built a business, most of them have built multiple businesses… It’s just so inspiring to hear stories and the troubles they’ve gone through what they’ve learned from it. Everyone’s super open to sharing.

My role over the next 12 months in EO will be to help build communities inside EO. On one hand, done in the traditional way. Like what are, what does community mean, what are the tools you need… But then also, on the other hand, how do we create tools for people to create their own community.

Taylor (Blackstone Media) shares his experience at the GLC so far

What is it that you like about EO?

[Taylor]: Meet people like you.

Hear that?

[Taylor]: He didn’t even pay me to say that.

[Taylor]: There are some of these conferences and there’s a lot of posturing. Sometimes, I feel like I’m being sold to a lot. So I share some things with you and then at dinner that night it gets used against me because you want to sell me on something. And here it feels like a safe place. It feels like a place where I can tell you things.

My take on Day 1 of the conference

What a day here at GLC! I’m already emotionally drained after half a day but just so intense to talk to people here.  We get deep so quickly. Just in the last two hours, I’ve talked about meditation, what has inspired me the most in the last six months, workout routines that are optimized for people who travel a lot…

Another interesting part of these EO events, especially this GLC Global Leadership Conference, is the evening socials where you break off into smaller groups. This year, at the beginning of July, I’m stepping up to take a leadership role on the MyEO Global Committee. I will get to meet quite a few people that have been serving on this committee over the past years. So I’m excited to see what worked well for them, what didn’t work well.

I think the point that I want to make is I’m extremely grateful for all these people I get to meet here. And I understand that it’s kind of an exceptional situation, being in a room with 1,600 other entrepreneurs.

“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

There’s also this saying – “you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with”. The way I think, my values, what I do with my life – I think it’s largely inspired by the values and activities of the people that I spend a lot of time with.

Early in our lives, that’s our parents, siblings, teachers… At some point, you leave the school system and you also don’t live at home anymore and it becomes more of a choice than just something that happens.

If you’re taking one thing from this video, I just want to inspire you to consciously think about this. Who do you spend how much time with? What is it that you can learn from them? And also, is there someone you shouldn’t spend this much time with?

Last but not least, also think about who are people that you’ve met and you have a chance to spend more time with? People you admire and value for their worldviews? Make an effort, reach out to them today, send them a message and go for a coffee with them. It’s as easy as that.

I’m now going to run to the MyEO dinner. I hope you’re having a great day and we’ll talk soon!

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