What is Tomahawk.VC?

In this video I answer to the question of what Tomahawk.vc is and does, and what companies we invest in.

Video Transcript

In the last few days since our launch, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what Tomahawk.vc is and does, and what companies we invest in. So I decided to record a series of videos to answer one of these questions in each video.

Why does Tomahawk.vc exist?

So the first question to answer and the number one question we get is “What is Tomahawk.vc and why does Tomahawk.vc exist?”.
Tomahawk.vc is a venture firm, a venture investor.
It’s me and a couple of friends that have put money together to invest in early-stage technology startups in the U.S. as well as in Europe in an early phase of their life.
So typically our entry point for our first investment is pre-seed or seed rounds, and in some occasions, it could also be a Series A. We invest in total up to two million Swiss Francs, which is roughly equivalent to two million U.S. Dollars per company and the industries that we like the most are B2B SAAS as well as decentralized finance.

“Global-first” teams

Apart from the industry, what we do put a value on and what we invest in is what we call “global-first” teams.
Meaning, companies that set themselves up from the beginning to work independent from just one geography.
When it comes to the team, Tomahawk.vc consists of currently three people that work on it operationally.
It’s myself, Claude, who manages a lot of our deal flow, and then there’s also Bojan, who works with us as a Venture Assistant. And we ourselves are also distributed team. So in that sense, we’re also global-first.
Bojan sits in Macedonia, and Claude and I currently do to COVID are in Switzerland, but we don’t work from an office.

Remote setup

We work in a remote setup and see each other every couple of weeks or so. All right, I hope that answered the question: “What is Tomahawk.vc?” and I’ll see you soon in another video to answer another question.
Stay curious, and we’ll chat soon.