[Video] How I Deal With Jet Lag

With 120 flights last year, I often struggled with jet lag. While some people use sleeping pills or other tricks to avoid it, I found that’s not the best tactic when traveling this often. A quick fix may help you get over jet lag once or twice, but it’s not a sustainable way of dealing with it. This is why I tried another approach – making the most out of jet lag.

Embracing jet lag isn’t easy but it’s the most natural way to deal with it. As you’ll see in the video below, it’s also a great reason to spend a chill day with people you love. Hope you enjoy this episode and I’m curious to find how you deal with jet lag in the comments below the post!


Video Transcript

While traveling is extremely fun and I love that I get to see so many places, 120 flights last year also meant that I spent almost every week in a new time zone. And with that, sometimes there’s jet lag. Now, I don’t usually get jet lagged if there’s just a three or four hour time difference. But the last flight I took from Zurich to San Francisco with my dad took 12 hours, while the time difference is 9 hours. Jet lag is tough.

There are many people that swear by melatonin or sleeping pills or have all kinds of tricks for how to get over jet lag. First of all, I’ve tried some of them and they didn’t really work for me. Second, I’m kind of reluctant to add anything unnatural to my body, just to avoid jet lag. Especially if I have to do it this often and not just once or twice in a year.

How to get over jet lag? Learn to embrace it.

So with that, I had to come up with a system for how to get over jet lag. What I figured out is that, for me, it’s best to just embrace it. Meaning I try to make the best out of it.

So coming to the US, that usually means I’m awake super early. My dad and I were up at about five or six this morning. We got up and we got some new electro scooters that we saw yesterday. We took them all the way to the San Francisco Bay and piers. Then, we basically spent the day hanging out there. We flew my drone by the water and up near the Coit Tower. We talked a lot, had a really good time and now we’re just on the way to get some sushi.


I know you might have been looking for a way to avoid jet lag. But what I figured out is I’ve just come to accept it. The first couple days are usually tough, especially if it’s a 9-hour time difference. I try to make the best out of the fact that I’m up super early and have energy in the morning. I’ll usually take a nap in the afternoon or do something chill like today.

And I wouldn’t want to have it otherwise. Today was a beautiful day, I had a great time with my dad and we got so much done, even though it’s a Sunday.

With that, see you guys in the next episode.

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