Surprise experiments make life fun

Check out this fun episode where we are testing our fears in an acrobat flight.

Video Transcript

What are some other feelings?

Curious? Nervous?

Do you have any idea?

Not really.

Good morning. What a beautiful day again. So today’s episode is going to be a bit different. This is more of a just fun episode. Elena and I are taking a few days off, and our friend Josh came to visit us. We’re currently in Lagos, in the Algarve, which is his most southern part of Portugal. Josh and I and Elena are good friends. Although we rarely get to see each other. He lives in Puerto Rico, which especially now feels like more than a world away. We were actually supposed to spend our birthday week together. So my birthday is on June 19, and Josh’s is on June 25. But of course, because of COVID, that didn’t happen. Now that we finally are reunited, we decided to have a bit of a fun day. Josh doesn’t know what’s happening today. I promise him that we’re testing his fears a bit today. We’re going to see if that will be successful or not.

How are you feeling?


We gotta leave at, I think, 9.30 sharp.

Okay, I am done with a quick work call. And now we’re ready for the adventure of the day.

What will be the best case, and what will be the worst case?

The best case is leaving the situation to feel accomplished and happy, excited, conquered.

Elena, you’re smiling. Are you gonna join us in the experience?

No, I am giving birth in one and a half months, so I can’t.

The worst case is probably feeling disappointed, walking away from the situation feeling disappointed.

What would make you feel disappointed?

Probably not accomplishing whatever it is.

You won’t have much of a choice, whether you accomplish or not. So I think we’re going to be okay.

Who knows.

Who knows? I do. Maybe any last words to anyone?

I think Josh should go first.

Yeah, of course.

So you said sometimes, or usually, it’s you pushing other people’s limits?

Vivid. Yeah, usually it’s me that makes, “Hey, let’s go do this. Let’s go do that and a lot.”

I get joy out of that, so it’s good.


So we’re left with air and water. Yeah, which one? Which one do you like more?

I am more comfortable with water than air.

That’s perfect.

Well. That’s maybe a bit similar to skydiving.

That’s Sure.

So my hint to you today. You can hold this, and I’ll want to make this more visible.

So what do you see?


Yes. What could these be for?

Ah? Dramamine, maybe.

What would Dramamine be?

So I don’t get sick. I think that means this is the first time experience maybe.


Look here.

Did you know that?



I kind of figured it needs to be something that you’re gonna remember for a while. Yeah.

What the hell is about to happen? I am not

You are not

Oh my god.

Okay, this is air. The element is air.


Water, do you drink water here?

In the face of what we’re gonna be doing, drink water.

We have water out there.

I think the plane we are going to be on is the one with the yellow tail.

Have you ever heard of acrobatic flights?


All right, let’s go check it out.

Oh, my God.

Ready to enjoy this guy?

I am.

It is 50 years of flying.

Yes. More or less, 25 hours. This is the best for robotics.

Yes, that’s what they fly in the Red Bull Air Races?


Yeah, +8/-8.

Plus eight?

Yes, +8/-8.

I make it all right.

No problem.

You can make all maneuvers with -2/+4.

I will be on 5.


If you want five, I give you five.

Are you speaking of me?

Okay, let’s do.

This maneuver.

This is a loop.

Not we get 45 degrees, make off.

And another loop?

Another loop.


And 45 degrees off and stop. And you can put the aircraft in this position if you want.

If anything can go wrong, and in this position, it is very easy to resolve.

This way and you say in the share.

So I hold on breath?




Are you saying like tense?



Your share and put the belts, and so you know.



How are you?

You are on the flight.

I live for this. This is what I’m always searching for, honestly—always searching for that thrill.

So Josh, you just left. It looked like a pretty smooth takeoff. We hope you’re enjoying your time in the air, and we want to say Happy Birthday again.

Happy Birthday.

Are you all right?


I have just landed back. We are in the hangar.

It is always a good experience to fly, especially acrobat flights, and I’m all sweaty, but I’m really glad Josh liked that. I think now we’re just gonna relax a bit. Calm down, and we will probably get some good food.

I think overall, this is a bit of a different episode, but my takeaway from this is, “Make the most out of life.” Enjoy every day. Go for bold experiences, make memories. Have a beautiful day. Stay curious.