My Favourite Breakfast Place In The World

I very rarely eat breakfast. But when I’m at the Senator Lounge at Terminal E of Zurich Airport, I always enjoy a long breakfast. Not that I wouldn’t already spend enough time at airports but this place is so elegant that I often arrive several hours before my flight to work from there and enjoy the amenities and views from the lounge.

The lounge opened last year and sits atop Terminal E on the third floor. There’s a First, Senator, and Business class lounge. The Senator lounge is very often almost empty. Or so big that even if there are a few dozen people, it still feels very calm and spacious.

The lounge consists of several areas: There’s a Whiskey bar with over 100 different whiskeys available, a rest area, a work area, normal seating, and a breakfast bar. The breakfast bar serves eggs in various styles along with an assortment of bread types and croissants. The rest area consists of about 20 bedchairs that offer a convenient place to lean back and relax while you wait for your flight.

While pretty much every chair and desk are outfitted with power outlets, there’s also a dedicated area to get work done. Booths that hold a full desk/chair setup offer a quiet and private environment to get work done. The closed booths are ideal to have calls because you won’t disturb anyone else in the lounge, nor is anyone able to listen in on your conversation.

I also enjoy the lie-back chairs in the rest area to do my writing. The setup is both relaxing and inspiring as you directly overlook the tarmac and can see planes come and go.

Architecturally, this must be one of the most beautiful lounges there is.

What is your favourite place to spend time at an airport?