My Top 5 Lifehacks To Double Efficiency

The following are my top five lifehacks. Each of them has at least doubled my efficiency.

#1. Owning Only 64 Things

Getting rid of stuff was the most liberating thing I’ve done in my life. Since I’ve given up on many unnecessary possessions and on having a home, I do not only feel a lot more free, I am in fact liberated to move around and spend my time where I think it makes the most sense. Never having to think about packing, buying or maintaining stuff is a huge time saver.

#2. A Virtual Assistant

About a year ago, I hired Bojan to help me with many of the day-to-day activities that kept slowing me down – scheduling meetings, booking travel, accounting, expenses, testing, and much more. His help has allowed me to easily triple my output and focus on the bigger problems that are not only more interesting to me but also provide a bigger leverage in terms of business success.

#3. Hiring / Recruitment Process

There’s only so much one can do by oneself. I’ve spent a good amount of time last year thinking about how to hire efficiently. We first implemented the process at Sendtask and have hired five people of whom all are still on board. I’ve written about how this hiring process takes very little of my time and the team’s time here.

#4. Living Consciously

I take the time to write a quarterly review and preview in twelve areas of my life once a quarter. Taking a step back from the sometimes hectic day-to-day every 90 days helps me readjust my priorities. I typically block off half a day to think and write about what’s going well, what’s not going well and how to course-correct. I implement my findings as objectives and key results (OKRs), and daily routines. I’ve written about the process here.

#5. Daily Routines

I find that for things that I struggle with, I can make the most progress if I include them in my daily routine. I’ve always hadtrouble writing until I included it in my daily routine and have since written an article, interview or other long-form text every day. I’ve written about my daily routines here.

These are my top 5 lifehacks. What are yours?