(Surprise) Skydiving

I wanted to make sure Daniel has a memorable Bachelor weekend. This morning we went skydiving. He found out before we left but nevertheless, it’s been a great experience! We jumped out at 15’000 feet (roughly 5km) and were back on the ground within minutes!

Video Transcription

Alright, it’s the start of a brand new day. And we’re starting it with skydiving! It was supposed to be surprise skydiving but Daniel found out that we’re gonna go and jump out of an airplane.


After signing this waiver, how do you feel?

Not better.


We’re getting ready for our jump. Just getting formalities finalized. And we just saw a bunch of jumpers come in over here.

I’m pretty calm right now but it did freak the hell out of me to sign this waiver where they tell you how much can go wrong and like how they’re not liable and basically it’s all your own fault if you die… or get seriously injured.

But on the positive note, it should be a perfect day to go skydiving – no clouds, beautiful weather.

After the jump

Nice ride up into the sky. Tension rises the higher you get. We jumped out at 5 km above the ground. Freefall for about one minute.

Alright, we all survived. Beautiful experience – jumping out of an airplane. There’s always a rush, that moment when the door opens and you jump out. And then there’s a pure happiness on the way down. And there’s some calm when you start circling down with the chute.

Now we’re headed back to the strip. We have a pool party planned this afternoon. I’m also gonna meet up with Augie again, get some work done, prepare for the next week. And with that, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, probably from SFO!

You can listen to the audio version here: