I’m in Internet startups. I’ve started my first company (a service/agency business) when I was 14 and that’s when I got infected with the startup bug. I’m really passionate about the process of going from ‘an idea that we had at the bar last night’ to ‘1 million’ – where ‘1 million’ could mean a million users, packages shipped or a million USD in revenue.

I started iterating and co-founded several companies or joined them early on – a social network in New York, an online Taylor between Hong Kong and Paris, a product in investment banking, a payment provider in Berlin and a mobile startup in New York. In 2014 I’ve returned to Switzerland and had the opportunity to become an investor. I felt really fortunate because it offered me the change to not only learn in one company at the time but to be active in several companies at once. Plus, at the time there were very few people in Switzerland and Germany who did not only invest money but also Know-How and time.

A friend and I put together enough money to invest in 10 startups and I’ve spent most of my time working with them. I’ve originally studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and at heart I’m still a geek – so I enjoy contributing to the technology/product team, on the marketing side and – most importantly – in an area that I call ‘startup common sense’ – meaning all the processes, systems and structures that help a company independently from their product. Things like ‘how to hire efficiently’, ‘how the role of a founder changes when the company grows from 3 to 10 to 30 people’, etc.