Meet our New Partner: Tech, Tennis, Travel

Exciting news: Massimo Schäppi joins Tomahawk.VC as a partner!

Our team has some super exciting news to share today. We are happy to introduce Massimo Schäppi, who’s joining us as a Partner at Tomahawk.VC. Check out the video to hear about Massimo’s background, his focus areas, and his experience in one of the world’s most vibrant startup ecosystems – Tel-Aviv. Massimo is pretty competitive – also outside his work. If you wanna find out where: Check out the video!

Video Transcript

Hey, I have some super exciting news to share today. As you know, Tomahawk is still a young company, and as most ventures and early-stage startups, our team is our most important asset. And so I’m very happy to say today that Massimo is joining us as a partner at Tomahawk.

Massimo has spent the last few years gaining experience in what it means to invest in and support early-stage startups in one of the world’s most vibrant technology hubs – Tel Aviv. He was with a venture capital firm for the last three years in Tel Aviv, and he came back to Switzerland this year to join Tomahawk as a partner. But before I spoil any more details about. Massimo, I’ll let him introduce himself.

Hi, my name is Massimo. I’ve spent the last few years in Tel Aviv, investing in early-stage B2B SaaS companies across verticals. Examples include Digital Health, FinTech, enterprise software. This really helped me to gain a lot of experience when it comes to work together with entrepreneurs, to advise entrepreneurs with a lot of different things from finding the right investment structure, but also when it comes to growth and connecting them to the right partners, future employees, customers, and investors. My background is in finance. I studied banking and finance, I was always interested in finance. I’ve been investing since I’m a teenager, but mostly focused on public listed equities. And then I also did a number of internships.

I was in London with an asset manager focusing on frontier markets. And then I also spend some time at 2Xideas, which is an asset manager focused on mid-cap stocks around the globe. And I also spent some time in consulting in Switzerland, but also in Hong Kong. I was actually doing something completely different. I was selling or trying a way to sell water-saving aerators to the Chinese government, which was a very interesting experience. I like my job because the one thing I love is to learn about new technologies and innovation. The one thing I love most is to speak with entrepreneurs because they have so much know-how in their specific area of expertise that you constantly learn. My first venture investment was my investment in iAngels, which is the company I’ve been working for, for the last couple of years.

And while I was working at iAngels also invested myself in different companies. And one of the companies or my first real venture case, I’d say, which was not an investment company, was a very exciting company in the area of media tech. They allow sports rights owners to distribute sports highlights, which means short videos in real-time to all kinds of platforms from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, but also native apps with the click of a button. If I’m not working, I love to do sports. I play a lot of tennis, I have a very strong passion for tennis. I also like to go to tournaments, to play in tournaments, but also to watch tournaments. If I’m not playing tennis, you’ll probably find me either in the gym or running with a couple of friends, or doing sports that I’m not doing that often like playing squash, badminton, and trying new things. I’ve lived in different cities around the world.

During my studies, I spent a couple of months in Singapore, I also spent several months in Hong Kong, I’ve spent months in London, I’ve been traveling a lot. I visited over 55 countries, and I love to learn about new cultures. And that’s me. That’s it. I’m really looking forward to chatting with you.