New video series: Find, hire & manage remote workers

Hi everyone, I am starting a short video series on how to hire, find and manage remote employees. If you have any questions you would like me to answer in the videos, please comment them under this video.

Vide transcript

Hey everyone. I hope you’re okay. We have recently started to onboard yet another team member at Tomahawk.VC and that team member is remote. And that brought me to an idea. Why not do a video series on, specifically, how to onboard and find remote workers? What are the processes? What are the salaries you’re paying? What are some tips and systems that have proven valuable to me and our team over the years? How do we stay in touch? How can we build trust over distance?

So there are many things that I can talk about. But before I start this video series, I want to hear from you. What is it that you’re interested in? Have you ever thought about hiring someone remotely? Have you ever gone through the process and either had a good experience or a bad experience? Have you ever tried to hire someone but haven’t really managed?

Please let me know how this can be valuable for you, what are the questions that are in your mind, and I’ll get started on a short video series on how to hire, find and manage remote employees.

So please let me know. And with that, that’s a short one, have a beautiful day. Stay curious, and I’ll talk to you soon.