Coming Home – And Sharing It

Usually when Elena and I travel for a week or longer, we offer friends to stay at our place. This time, our friend Connor from London and his family came to Switzerland and we got to spend time together after we came back. Here’s our journey back from Portugal and how we arrived to a very hot Switzerland 🥵.

Video transcript

Ready to go home?


How was that trip, Josh?

The trip was amazing. I had a good time, learned a lot. A lot of adventure. Yeah, well worth all the trouble to get to Portugal.

Did you like the trip?

I love the trip. Cedric. The trip was amazing.

And compared to other trips that you take it, how would you rate this trip?

It was a good trip. Cedric.

All right, it’s been quite a trip., it was set by a friend. Last week of these four weeks was a vacation, which was great. But now we’re also ready to get back to work, go back home, and be productive again.

Lots of strollers. I wonder if a few months from now that’s gonna be us bringing back all this luggage.

I have just boarded. It’s interesting that they’ve upgraded the plane from Airbus 220 to 221. They just told us that it’s a full flight as well, meaning that travel at least between Switzerland and Portugal seems to be peaking up again.

So we’ve just arrived home. It’s a warm day here. Also, we had to kind of run once we get off the plane to catch our train. Then we spent too much time looking at how busy the airport was this time. For the most part, the experience was pretty similar to our flight from Zurich to Porto.

Now at home, we have friends staying with us. Every time when Elena and I travel for a long period of time, we usually ask friends that live abroad if they want to come to Switzerland to use our place while we’re gone. And then the cool thing is we also get to see them. So Connor and his family. They live in London will be with us for another couple of days. And so we’re looking forward to catching up with them and hear what kind of adventures they’ve gotten into while they were in Switzerland.

It’s also time for me to get back to work now after taking a full week off. I can’t wait to dive into work, get stuff done, be productive. And then tonight, we’re probably gonna have a nice dinner with Connor, his wife, and his son.

That’s it. Be safe. Stay curious. Have a beautiful day, and I will talk to you soon.