Help Me! Transparency Is Important

If you want to help me help you, please let me know what content is essential for you, what is currently not transparent in the way you interact with investors and venture capitalists.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I was recently asked by a friend why am I doing these videos? And I thought it was a good question, and I wanted to share my answer with more publicly. It is obvious that Claude, Bojan, and I were only three people; we got over 150 startup pitches to review per month now. So it’s not like our days are empty, and we have nothing better to do than to talk to the Internet.

But I do think these videos are important for one simple reason. And that is when I was sitting on the other side of the table when I was a founder first, like 18 years ago, the Venture Capital ecosystem and the way venture capitalists think and act seemed incredibly opaque to me. I had no idea what was going on in their minds, what they expected from me, what were the good resources for me to look at, and into in order to be presentable and to make my relationship with them work. So I had to learn a lot of things step by step and looking back a lot of that time learning all these things through trial and error was totally wasted, and I wish there would have been a good resource for me to go to and learn more so I could avoid many of the pitfalls I had to learn firsthand.

We want the world to change for the better.

And that’s why when I started Tomahawk.VC, I decided to share a lot of what’s going on at our end of the table. I want to share how we think what’s important to us how we like founders to approach us, what information we need. Pretty much anything that we do, we want to make transparent and open because I believe only if we make this easy, transparent, and open, more fun, entrepreneurial ideas can emerge, and ultimately, that’s what we want. We want the world to change for the better. We want entrepreneurs to succeed. And that’s why we’re so open with all the processes, principles, and ideas on our end.

Help me make this even better

Now, how can you help me make this even better? If you also believe that entrepreneurs should have access or pretty much anyone should have access to everything that’s going on in this world of venture capital and if you believe that it makes sense to make it easier for them to learn, then you can help me by asking me questions, by letting me know what’s not transparent right now, things that you’ve wondered about, questions that you have about how a venture capitalist thinks and works and structures their day. All of that is incredibly helpful to me.

It’s motivating to see your comments to get your feedback. Please share the videos with friends and people that you think can profit from it. And that’s going to motivate us and give us clear direction, what you would like to know and what you’d like me to talk about what you’d like us to open source and make transparent.

So, in short, I just wanted to answer that question very publicly because I think it’s a great question. And if you want to help me help you, please let me know what content is important for you, what is currently not transparent in the way you interact with investors and venture capitalists, and let me know via the comments or send me a direct message. I do read every single comment, and I do read every single private message that I get, and it’s always very motivating to see that you have questions or that you are sharing the video with some of your friends.

All right, and that’s already it. Thanks so much for listening. Have a beautiful day, stay curious, and we’ll talk to you soon.