Tomahawk.VC in 1 Minute

What is Tomahawk.VC? When and how much do we invest? What do we invest in, and what’s our value add? Answers to all these questions in just one minute!

Video Transcript

Hey, I want to share with you what Tomahawk.VC is in just one minute starting now.

Early-stage venture fund

Tomahawk.VC is an early-stage venture fund; we invest in your pre-seed, seed, or series A round. In your pre-seed round, we invest up to 250K. In your seed round, we can write checks of up to 750K. And sometimes we get in on a Series A, and that’s when we can invest up to 1.5 million US dollars into your project. We can either co-invest or lead your round, depending on how big the round is. And depending on our time commitments. Typically we lead about three to four rounds a year, and we co-invest on the same amount of deals per year.


We invest in B2B SaaS and decentralized finance ventures with a focus on global-first teams. Global-first means that the team sets themselves up for global success from the get-go. One example could be that you are building your company culture so that it works not only for in-office local employees but for a global remote workforce from the start.

Remote setup

Our value ads are that we help with that particular part of your business? I personally worked for more than 12 years in a remote setup, and I have a few tips and tricks to share. We also help you raise follow-on-funding from international investors. And then, third, we would like to be there and challenge you, be your sparring partner and participate on your journey.

And with that three, two, one… that was Tomahawk.VC in just 60 seconds. If that sounded interesting to you, then please head over to Tomahawk.VC and use the video button to send us your pitch.

And with that, stay curious and I’ll talk to you soon.