Tomahawk.VC: The companies we look for

We invest in two categories of companies – here’s which!

Video Transcript

Hey. One question we’re often asked at Tomahawk.VC is, what industries do we invest in? And why do we particularly invest in those industries? So long story short, we invest in B2B SaaS and decentralized finance, potentially FinTech as well.

Why B2B SaaS and decentralized finance?

Why those two areas? Well, it’s the areas where we think we can contribute the most value. And I think it’s important that it’s a match between the team, founder, and investor so that both sides can profit.

Why can we contribute in those two areas?

And why can we contribute in those two areas? Well, decentralized finance is easy because, in the last three years, I’ve spent working on Dfinity, and I thought a lot about all kinds of various decentralized finance applications. Because that was basically what was driving Dfinity and what was driving me to invest time into Dfinity was to make all these decentralized finance applications possible. So I think I have a pretty good overview of what’s in that market and what’s important, what’s going to be important for you as an entrepreneur when you get started in that market, and then there’s also a lot of network. Of course, over the years, I’ve connected with a lot of people that are passionate about the same space.

On the other hand, B2B SaaS is something… I personally haven’t built a b2b SaaS company, but I’ve personally invested in Frontify and Zenjob and a few more B2B SaaS companies. And I’ve worked with them over the years. And I’ve started to see patterns. And I’ve kind of taken those patterns, and we’re trying to compact them into what we call playbooks.


So how do you hire for a b2b SaaS company? How do you make sales in a b2b SaaS company? How do you do marketing for a b2b SaaS company? How do you value a b2b SaaS company? So all of those questions we think we sometimes have more refined, sometimes a bit rougher, but we have pretty good answers and ideas. Plus, through investing in those companies early on, I’ve built a network of people that can either support you or just be there as a sparring partner. And that’s why that’s the secondary area that we invest in.

It’s b2b SaaS and decentralized finance.

So, in short, it’s b2b SaaS and decentralized finance. And in both areas, we think we have a clear advantage over other investors by providing you with more than just money.

And with that, stay curious, and I’ll talk to you soon.