E Under 30 Entrepreneurs Sharing Their Experiences

It’s always a pleasure to meet other inspiring members of E under 30. This time, we met in Bali to share our experiences, explore the surroundings and have fun together.

Video Transcript

And good morning! Another beautiful day. I want to talk to you about what E under 30 is and why I’ve spent some time here and who all these people are.

So I’m going get some other people in front of the camera and get their ideas of what this is.

The entrepreneurs on this E under 30 event

My name is Michael. I am actually from EO Indonesia. I’m currently 27, turning 28 at the end of the year. And my business is in textile manufacturing.

Hi, I’m Gena, I’m from Sydney and I’ve been in EO for three years.

Hi, I’m Elena. I live in Switzerland, joining EO in June. This was my first EO even so far.

Hi, my name is Varun, I am from Malaysia. I’ve been in EO for roughly two to three years.

Hi, I’m Pedro from EO Sydney, Australia. I’ve been in EO just over two and a half years. This has been the best journey so far.

My name is Basir, I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been in EO for about four or five years now.

Hi guys, my name’s Jordan, I’m from Perth, Australia and I’ve been in EO for about three years.

Hi, I’m Carolyn, I’m from Australia. EO – I’ve been for about 8 months.

Hi, my name is Richard Lee, I’m from EO Malaysia and I’ve been in EO for two an a half years.

I’m Shiny, I’m from Shanghai. I have been in EO for two and a half years.

What is E under 30?

I think E under 30 is basically a group of young entrepreneurs who are on the same age, the same life stages and we share a common vision of empowering other people, sharing each other’s experiences from all the members from all over the world.

E under 30 is EO for people under 30. Lots of fun, adventures, and activities…

E under 30 is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs up to the age of 30 who love to not just share the experiences but also learn new things. Also party…

Really honestly, this is my first event and it’s been really good!

E under thirty is a MyEO group that’s specifically targeted to those that are under 30. What defines us is our age and our journey in life. That we all have business sharing relatively similar journeys so it’s pretty amazing.

E under 30 for me is a way to connect with other people in a very similar situation to me. Even though they might be in different industries, different businesses, different levels of business, I feel there are a lot of similar mindsets around which I truly value.

E under 30 is a group of under 30-ish people from around the world that are a part of EO and we are running regular events around the world for this group of people that are at a very similar stage of life. Often very similar stages of business so we can all get together and really share experiences because we’re all at approximately the same point in life.

So for me, it’s a group of young entrepreneurs getting together. So I think any form of entrepreneur group is beneficial but E under 30 is even better for me because we’re actually going through similar life stages and similar problems and events in our lives. That just allows us to learn from each other and bounce off each other.

A place to interact with people from other parts of the world who are in a similar stage of life.

E under 30 for me is an adventure and journey. And also life and work balance.

What was your favorite experience on this trip?

My favorite experience was the lifeline exercise where everyone shared their life story. It was super inspiring to hear what everyone has been doing so far and learn from each other.

Meeting a lot of people from different areas of the world and this sharing and learning from what you have to share. Meeting people in different businesses around the world.

My favorite experience has been staying here in this bamboo house and understanding the reason why the bamboo houses were built. How they were built and basically the fact that the Green school and the Green village before these houses, they had a view to better the world through green education.

My favorite experience from this trip is this amazing, awesome, epic bamboo villa.

My favorite E under 30 experience is this morning. After breakfast, we talked about the amount of money we need for our personal life. Also, we talked about contribution. What do we contribute to the society?

Other than this amazing place and learning how this bamboo village was made, I think it’s just making beads with the locals and just getting to know entrepreneurs and learning everyone’s story.

There are two favorite experiences. I think that the biggest highlight for me actually was hearing John Hadi’s story – a passionate business about the environment. The second thing I think was having the chance to have the chef cook us dinner.

My favorite experience from this trip is learning about the amazing heritage of the local area of Ubud and about particularly the Green village and bamboo making factory. And this incredible place that we’re staying in. So the work, craftsmanship, and effort that goes in to build these incredible structures. And they’re environmentally friendly, sustainable. So that’s been a really awesome experience.

Why we started E under 30

E under 30 is a group of EO entrepreneurs that are under or up to the age of 30. We originally created this group about two years ago with the idea to give those members that are in a similar stage of life a platform and a community to exchange ideas and share experience.

What we found in these events is that while it’s super easy to connect with any EO member because of common values and processes and techniques to get to a certain level of depth, this becomes even more powerful if you are in this group that has such common values and is all at a very similar stage of life. The amount of relating that you can do to someone else is just much higher than anywhere else.

What makes a successful (E under 30) event

What I think makes a successful E under 30 event is bringing people together offline. And this can be very small events – from brunches and lunches and dinners, meetups in different places around the world and hosting members who are traveling all the way to these four-day events where we go really deep and we go through a lot of learning and sharing experiences together.

And those are memories I will never forget. Just spending three to four really intense days with a few members of this group. Typically, our events are between five and fifteen members and participants. Spending some time with them and getting really deep within a matter of days has just been an incredible experience and I’ve gained and learned so much from it, that I will always be grateful for this group of people.

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