How To Use Sendtask To Keep A List Of Writing Ideas

About 30 days ago, I challenged myself to write every single day. Writing is
something I have always struggled with and I needed to find a way to make
writing easier for myself. I have since written an article, an interview or
other long form text every day.

Often, it is easy to come up with ideas but sometimes I don’t
know what I’ll write about immediately. For those moments, I keep a list of things I
want to write about on Sendtask. Sometimes, it’s a question that someone
has asked me. Other times, it’s an experience that I want to write about later.

In order to not forget about these, I’ve created a project named “#write”
on Sendtask. Because of our email integration, it’s really easy to add items
to the list while I’m on the go. All I have to do is send an email to ‘’ and put my thoughts into the subject line, followed by
‘#write’. For example, for this article, I sent ‘How to use
sendtask to collect writing ideas #write’.

Similarly, I can add writing ideas to the list from Slack. Our team spends a lot of time in Slack. Being a distributed team, Slack is our equivalent of walking over to another desk and mentioning something. Naturally, a lot of my inspiration for writing comes up while I’m in Slack. We believe that one should be able to create tasks immediately from wherever one does a lot of their work. Thus we created our Slack integration. With a syntax that’s even simpler than the email syntax, one can create tasks right away via the /sendtask slash command. The above example would be: “/sendtask How to use sendtask to collect writing ideas #write’ – this will add the task to the #write project immediately.

Now, every day I don’t know what to write about I just pull up this list and
check what I’ve recently added.

Of course, you can use the same mechanic for another project – your grocery
list, a list of ideas for birthday presents and many more.

What kind of lists do you cultivate and what tool do you use for them?