My Schedule For The Next Two Weeks

First stop: Barcelona

My first stop tomorrow is Barcelona where I’ll meet friends for their 30th birthday. There’s also some Entrepreneurs ≤30 members in Barcelona tomorrow as well as a cousin and a neighbor from when I grew up. It’s been a couple years since I’ve last been to Barcelona and I’m looking forward to catching up with friends and enjoying the city.

On Sunday I’m continuing to London. I’m meeting with a PR agency for DFINITY on Monday, with Connor, who works with me on the Crypto project and an EO event with the London chapter in the evening. After that, we’ll likely continue the night with the E≤30 members. I’m flying back to Switzerland on Tuesday noon for a meeting with a blockchain support company in Zug.

Rodeo time

Less than 24 hours later, I’ll be back at the airport. My final destination will be Calgary, but I’ll fly from Zurich to Chicago on the first leg. While there are no direct flights between Zurich and Calgary, there’s another reason for this routing: I know the captain on this Swiss flight. Swiss is one of a few airlines where the captain decides who gets into the cockpit. And being the aviation geek that I am, I would never miss a chance to spend a few hours at the very front of a Swiss Boeing 777.

I’ll connect to Calgary from Chicago a couple hours after landing and should arrive at Calgary in the early evening. I’m staying with an E≤30 member who I have met at a previous event this year in Amsterdam. He’s organizing a get-together for all E≤30 members for Stampede, one of the world’s largest rodeo festivals, held in Calgary.

More Crypto Meetings

Stampede ends on Sunday and we’re planning to not only attend the festival but also go for a hike in the mountains surrounding Calgary. I’m leaving Calgary on Monday for San Francisco to meet with the DFINITY team at their Palo Alto offices. We’re currently working towards our first release and I’m looking forward to catching up on all fronts.

Given that the Sendtask team is completely distributed, luckily little changes in regards to how we work together when I’m traveling. We will slightly adjust the time of our weekly call but besides that, our setup allows us to keep working as efficiently while someone’s traveling as if they weren’t.

Back Home – For A Couple Hours

I’m catching the Swiss flight from San Francisco back to Zurich on Wednesday evening. It takes eleven hours and due to the nine hour time difference, arrives at 4 pm the next day to Zurich. Just enough time to go through immigration, get a shower at the lounge and then wait for the mediasign executive team to arrive at the airport. We’re going on a strategy retreat Thursday evening through Saturday evening. And while I can’t say where we’re going because it’s supposed to be a surprise for them, I can say that it will be an intense time – for both work and fun.

I’ll get back to Zurich Saturday late night and then stay in Zurich for at least four days before the next trip starts.