Why We Built Sendtask

At first sight, Sendtask is yet another collaborative task management tool. The task manager section in the app store must be one of the most crowded ones – almost every tutorial for new iOS developers features some sort of task manager. While not all of these are collaborative tools, there is a variety that exist: Asana, Trello, Podio, Teamwork, Teamweek, and many more.

So why did we set out to build yet another app in this seemingly crowded market?

While we love ❤ Asana, Trello and similar tools and used them in our team since forever, we noticed one thing. Whenever we worked with freelancers, service providers or other third parties, instead of sending them a task, we fell back into our old habits and sent them an email!

Why? Because no one wants to go through the trouble of creating accounts and onboarding when you only work together for a few weeks or months.

That’s why we decided to build Sendtask – it combines the power of collaborative task management with the ease of Email. Sendtask allows you to send tasks to anyone – as long as you know their email address. The recipient doesn’t need to create an account but can still do everything that he should be able to do with a task – discuss, add attachments, change the assignee and the due date, and of course – complete the task. Gone are the days where you need to onboard someone before you can start working efficiently with them!

Since all you need to collaborate with someone is their email, we are able to build some really cool integrations. We believe that you should be able to create tasks whenever and wherever you already work. If you work mostly in your email client or Slack, that’s where you should be able to create tasks. Those two integrations are already live and there’s a lot more to come.