What Is Sendtask?

Simple questions can often be the most difficult to answer. I’ve been working on Sendtask for close to a year and since the beginning of this year, we’ve been working on it as a team. And while the question «What is Sendtask?» sounds trivial, it is one of the toughest to answer. Why? Because the founder and early team members are involved with so many aspects of the product it becomes difficult to distil the idea into one or two sentences.

I’ve challenged my investments in the past to write a one, two and five sentence description of their product. I’ll attempt to do the same in this post.

The one-liner

This is the most crucial one. Various places only offer space for one sentence to describe your product. What is our product about at its core? How can we convey the idea of Sendtask in as few words as possible? At the core, what makes Sendtask different than all the other tools in the market, is that it’s simple to collaborate with anyone – you don’t need to force task recipients to create accounts.

Here are a few that come to my mind:

  • Sendtask enables you to collaborate with anyone without accounts in a much more efficient way than via email.
  • Sendtask is a collaborative task manager for yourself, your team and everyone you work with.
  • Sendtask is similar to Asana, Trello, Podio, Teamwork and various other collaborative task managers – with a key difference: the recipients of your tasks don’t need an account.
  • Sendtask is a shared task manager that you can use by yourself, with your team or anyone else you work with – without forcing them to create accounts.
  • Sendtask allows you to collaborate efficiently with anyone.

Adding another sentence

Two sentences are already much easier than just one. I’ve probably most often used this format when I introduce the product to someone in a spoken conversation.

  • Sendtask is a task manager for yourself, your team and anyone you work with. You can share tasks with anyone without forcing them to create an account.
  • If you already use a shared task manager with your team, you will love Sendtask. It allows you to work as efficiently as you work with your team with anyone by letting you send tasks to anyone.
  • Sendtask combines the benefit of emails and shared task managers. By allowing you to send tasks via email to non-registered users, it empowers you with all the features of a shared task manager without the need to onboard and create accounts for everyone you work with.

The full version – five sentences

This one is great for longer intros or once you have caught someone’s attention.

Version #1

Sendtask is a collaboration tool that allows you to work efficiently with anyone – without them having to create an account. While the recipient needs nothing but an email, they still get access to all the features of a task manager. This includes due dates, attachments, comments and – of course – completion. Because Sendtask is the most open shared tasks application, integration in your daily workflow becomes incredibly easy – you can create and assign tasks directly from email, Slack, and various other productivity tools. Sendtask offers natural language processing that allows you to create tasks within seconds just from your keyboard. If you’ve previously been frustrated because tasks you sent via email were not completed, not followed up on or completely forgotten, Sendtask will make those frustrations a thing of the past – without forcing the people you work with to create yet another account.

Version #2

We create tasks all the time – we ask someone to send something via email, we delegate a task via WhatsApp or we send calendar events to remind people of a certain activity or action. Often these tasks are completed but sometimes they are forgotten or get buried in the huge amount of information we receive every day. We’ve built Sendtask to give you peace of mind: send tasks as what they are – tasks – and they become trackable. We follow up with people who haven’t completed your tasks on time automatically. We understand that no one wants to create yet another account – and you shouldn’t make the people you work with do that. That’s why we built Sendtask so that it doesn’t require the recipient of tasks to have accounts.

Version #3

Sendtask allows you to share tasks with anyone. When we say anyone, we truly mean it – we don’t require the recipients of your tasks to create an account. All they need to have is an email address. When you send them a task, they receive an email with a special link. It allows them to open the task and perform the actions they would be able to if they signed up. Sendtask is so simple to understand that your collaborators don’t need any sort of training, onboarding or sit down with you first. Start using Sendtask today – with anyone, without accounts, and without headaches.