The 3 Apps That Help Me Stay Organized While Traveling

With over 50 flights in the first five months of this year, I fly more than twice per week on average. These are the apps that help me stay organized and on top of my schedule:

#1 Mileways

mileways 1

Link to app: Mileways iOS app

All my flights go into Mileways so I can quickly check my flights for the next few weeks and – and this is what’s great about mileways – I can share my flights with friends, family and business partners. This way, they automatically get notified if a flight is delayed, cancelled or if there’s other problems.

Mileways also has a nice statistics page that informs you about your most frequented routes, the number of cities, airports and countries you’ve been to in a given year and how much time you’ve spent in the air. So far, this year alone I’ve been to 29 cities, 18 countries, have flown on 15 different airlines and have spent just over 9 days in the air.

Mileways integrates with, which means I can just forward my flight bookings to tripit, they parse it and Mileways gets updated a few hours later. This way, I can see all my flights without having to manually enter them into the app.

#2 My Local Airport’s App – ZRH Airport

zrh 1

Link to app: ZRH Airport iOS app

A lot of my flights either originate from or end in Zurich. Their airport app typically is a bit faster and more reliable when it comes to gate changes, flight delays, boarding calls, etc. in my experience. Once I get to the airport, I favourite my upcoming flight and then get real time updates and push notifications on that flight.

I’m not sure how well this works in other airports, but if you’re flying from Zurich a lot, the app is a must.

#3 Kayak

kayak 1

Link to app: Kayak iOS app

For most trips, I use Kayak to search for accommodation and/or flights. I love how simple it is to book flights and accommodation directly through Kayak, often without even having to go to an external site. They automatically keep all information for a trip in their ‘trips’ section which makes it easy to look up what hotel I’ve booked for what trip.

These three apps help me make my travel smoother. What apps are essential to your travel?